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Print makes a comeback

The Print Comeback

In the current digital world, where you’re connected to everyone by a device sitting in your pocket, marketing to people has become easier than ever.  So what’s happened to the print comeback?

I’d like you to think back, just for a moment, to a time before the internet and smartphones (I know, it’s tough to imagine) when you would come home from work and have to force the door open to get past all the mail you had received in the post. And guess what? You wouldn’t bother to look at any marketing material because you were getting bombarded with it.

Now comeback to the present day (it’s good to be back, right?), and think about when you come home from work tonight and you open your door and it’s the weight of a feather, and then you check your email from your smartphone and then comes the bombardment of marketing messages. And guess what? You don’t read them.

So are marketers missing a trick? and is there a place for print again in this digital world?

87% of people considered mail

Of course there is! Research shows that 87% of people considered mail believable compared to only 48% for email. Think about it. That’s a potential improvement of 39% for every print piece you send over an email. Now I know that sending an email comes at little to no cost but print really isn’t that expensive! And 47% of people feel that a printed item is important, compared to 15% with electronic messages.

Print has become rare in our digital world but the way we produce print nowadays has changed enormously. If you were sending a piece of print 10/15 years ago it would be a mass send (much like an email now) and offer little-to-no personalisation. Today a piece of print is not only a method that feels like a breath of fresh air for the consumer, it can be easily targeted and personalised to make a lasting impression and increase your engagement rates.

Can print be added to your current marketing campaigns?

Yes is the answer! In fact it’s encouraged. A Brand Science review of multi-channel campaigns concluded that when mail was included in the marketing mix, campaigns had 12% bigger ROI than those without mail. Just think about that stat for a second and the benefit that print could bring to any current campaigns you are running, especially automated prospect journeys.

Interested in finding out more about mail campaigns?

At RPM we specialise in personalised print and integrated marketing campaigns. We’ve just launched a new website and would love you to take a look HERE. Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed. Please email me at for more information.

By Jordan Howell

Digital Marketing Manager