We get print finished

Print finishing refers to the actions performed on your print once it has been printed. From making your product more visually pleasing to simply wanting to give it that little bit of extra protection, there are plenty of print finishing techniques to ensure you get the effect you want. RPM Print offers many different print finishes which can be added to the final print job. There are many print finishing techniques out there, but here are some of our specialised ones and personal favourites.

Our Print Finishing Services

Wirobind Finishing

Ideal for manuals and booklets this process involves a series of circular holes punched along the bind edge of the document.
A spiral wire is thread through the holes and is crunched together forming a strong bind but allowing documents to be opened flat.
The wires come in a full range of sizes and colours.

print finnishing wire binding bournemouth poole

Canadian Binding (Full & Half)

A variant of wirobinding Full Canadian binding is the process that involves using a single sheet cover to wrap around the text block creating a printable spine to hide the wire so it is not exposed.
The cover is bound to the book and leaves an eye catching result in its finish.
Half Canadian binding is designed for larger documents where the front sheet creates a cover and spine and is then bound to a second sheet to form the back.

Fold, Stitch & Trim (Saddle Stitching)

Booklet making made easy. This automated process allows collated sheets to be stitched in two positions, folded in half and the fore edge trimmed flush.

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Portrait & Dual Stitching

Using the same machine as above we can stitch documents together either with a single stitch in the top left corner or as 2 stitches down the left edge.


The process of drilling 2 or 4 holes to the bind edge of the document allowing it to be placed into a presentation ring binder.
Our custom drill bar allows us to adjust the drill spec to any position if required and we can alternate between 4mm, 6mm or 8mm holes.v

Laminating & Encapsulating

Our film fed machine allows us to produce laminated sheets bound by a heat process instantly on site.
We are able to produce a Matt or Gloss finish in 3 weights; 30mic, 75mic or 125mic. For encapsulating the sheets are fed through the same machine however they are cut to the finished size first.
After lamination they are then trimmed to leave a sealed 5mm or 10mm laminated border around the document.
This process is popular in the bar and restaurant industry for menus and wine lists as they wipe clean and are waterproof.

print finnishing laminating bournemouth poole dorset

PUR Binding

Most people are familiar with the process ‘Perfect Binding’ however what you may not know is that perfect binding is notoriously difficult with digital print. That is until now.
Using a similar process PUR binding uses a much stronger adhesive which when bound under a heat process forms an extremely strong bind even in the presence of print, gloss stocks and lamination enabling a permanent bind.
The books are clamped and a cover is wrapped around them before the top, bottom and front edge are trimmed flush leaving a professional looking bound book.

Thermal Bind (Fastbacking) Finishing

Another heat process used for binding instruction manuals or similar products. The book is clamped before a material strip is wrapped around the bind edge and glued into place. The strips are available in 3 widths and a variety of colours.

Case Binding

Case binding is ideal for self published books. The text blocks are glued to a hard back cover with spine before being hand sewn into place for a permanent finish. The covers come in a number of colours and the option to write in silver or gold foil results in a truly remarkable finish and is ever increasingly popular among authors for short run books.

Crease & Fold Finishing

For folded documents the concern is always will the print crack when folded. This is quite common with score folding and in some cases this results in clients designing their artwork to be white on the fold lines which can look a bit odd. With creasing however the fold line is indented with a creasing blade allowing a square fold where the print remains intact ensuring a professional finish. From this we can produce simple half folds roll folds to DL and Cross folds.


Collating of documents is a fundamental part of the finishing process especially in Planning application documents and similar projects of this nature. The process allows various sections of the document to be brought together as one manual. For example between A4 sections may be Tabs, Folded A3’s or A1 Plans folded into PVC pockets. You may want different stocks or the colour kept separate form the black and white. Whatever your requirement collating is the process required.


Perforation is a useful finishing option for coupons and vouchers or reply slips on mailing documents. The rotary wheel creates a series of small holes along the tear off line allowing the recipient to easily separate the document in the desired place.

Guillotine Finishing

Our guillotine is equipped to cut large stacks of paper to a single sheet cleanly and accurately. The back plate is programmable to move forward and back by a 10th of a millimetre to ensure desired size is met.

finishing cutting guillotine print bournemouth poole dorset

Glue Padding

Ideal for invoice or NCR duplication pads the document is clamped square before the bind edge is glued with PVC adhesive and left to dry. The final outcome is a pad from which you can remove the top sheet as you finish with it without jeopardising the bind.


This clever process allows documents to be cut to specific shapes. Custom blades are designed for each shape allowing us to produce rounded corners, tabs, circles, pockets and other complex shapes. Alongside this process is Kiss-cutting which enables us to accurately trim adhesive label stocks to shape without damaging the back peel off sheet.


For Direct mail campaigns or marketing material we can apply a clear adhesive tab to the front cover of the document keeping it closed during transit. The tab has a perforation through the middle so the recipient can open it easily.

Poly bagging

Have your document sealed inside a polythene bag. Available as a permanent or re-sealable bag