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Upheaval and evolution means targeted mail has a brilliant future

Targeted mail

Targeted mail delivers shock news for our industry we saw 2 German paper mills file for insolvency last month : Papierfabrik Scheufelen Paper Mill files for insolvency. Then came the announcement of a merger between Xerox and Fujifilm, brought on by a drop in demand for photocopiers with up to 10,000 job losses. Closer to home, print companies going into liquidation has become familiar. Our paper supplier (always the best source of intelligence) says he’s never known anything like it.

Upheaval evolution

We like to think of it as evolution. Nowadays more and more business processes and marketing activities are carried out online and as the cost of paper only ever increases money can be saved by switching to electronic methods. Modern marketing is emailed not posted. Plus there’s the environmental impact to consider, so that using less paper is a good thing.

Yet there still remains an important role for print. Demand for unique and personalised print is actually growing. With so much digital marketing assaulting our senses IT’S DIFFICULT TO GET YOUR VOICE HEARD. Printed items stand out and hang around. Data from JICMail shows how 21% of all mail items prompt a commercial action, with 10.7% of recipients discussing the mailing piece with someone. Add the impact of personalisation to that and you've got the best chance of being noticed.

So we aren’t selling our printing machinery just yet. Especially since the ICO confirmed that even after GDPR becomes law in May “You won’t need consent for postal marketing” (you will for email). We are anticipating an upsurge in demand and have invested in the latest technology that evolves with every update. With our system single pieces of targeted mail can be triggered automatically as part of your marketing campaign. It's brilliant.

We offer a joined-up marketing and communications automation service that includes print, email, web and mobile.